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More than 100 partners are pleasantly surprised by how easy it is to grow their business and delight clients with ShoutOut solutions provided by Stori. Find out what you can achieve.

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Customize your approach


Include customizable buttons that drive engagement and set clear next steps.

Video landing Page

Opt for a custom-created landing page or select from our ready-to-use designs.


Add captions to ensure accessibility and reinforce your message.

Customizable player

Control of colors and design of your video player to fit your brand.

Frequently Asked Questions

Now, if you are interested in being the best player.

Is it possible to include customer content usage terms and privacy policy?

Yes, you can either use our templates or update with your own content release forms (Terms) and Privacy Policy within your ShoutOut account.

Is a ShoutOut account necessary for respondents to respond to my request?

No, anyone you send a ShoutOut Request link to can record video answers without needing their own ShoutOut account.

Can I customize the branding?

Yes, ShoutOut branding can be fully customized to your own brand as part of our Starter and Team plans. You can remove ShoutOut branding and replace it with your own.

How can I share the videos I create on ShoutOut?

Videos created within ShoutOut can be shared in multiple ways, including via a Playlink (hosted video player), website embeds, QR codes, or by downloading the video files.

Can I send a ShoutOut Request to multiple people?

Yes, you can capture video from one or multiple people using our Campaigns feature. Just set up your questions/prompts and capture via URL, QR code, or the Embedded ShoutOut Recorder.

Which browsers and devices are compatible with video recording?

ShoutOut video recording works across both desktop and mobile devices. It is designed and tested to work on the latest versions of most browsers and operating systems.

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