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Event Videos

Drive potential attendees and sponsor

Amplify the promotion of your events with videos from past attendees, sponsors, and future speakers.

3 key ways to use Vocal Video for event promotion

Attendee and Sponsor Testimonials

Capture video reviews from attendees and sponsors of your event to get great social proof about the impact and return on investment. These videos become invaluable in marketing and sales for your organization’s next event.

Onsite Video Collection

For many event organizers, getting together in person with key attendees, sponsors, and partners happens rarely. Make it easy for anyone at your event to record a short video by setting up Vocal Video on a tablet, or delivering them a link to record video feedback on their mobile device. This in-the-moment outreach can create great user-generated content and video feedback from your attendees and sponsors to use in engaging the current event and marketing the next one.

Event Promotion Videos

Capturing videos from speakers can be a big win. They are passionate about the subject matter, they’re great speakers, and they have a vested interest in making your event successful. Get short videos from your event speakers to use in promoting your event, and make sure to ask them to share via their social channels as well, amplifying the impact of the promotion greatly.

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