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Employee Stories

Say it with a video!

Share Employee client experiences

Get authentic videos from your company’s leaders and employees to amplify messaging internally, and to the world.

Why do Realtors choose ShoutOut?

Hear from top-performing realtors about how they stepped up their credibility.

4 key ways to use ShoutOut for real estate promotion

Leadership Videos

Your executive team is great at communicating about the big picture goals and initiatives at your company. They are probably exceptionally bad at booking all day meetings to record videos. Capture insights and updates on big initiatives with Vocal Video with a process that only takes 15 minutes of their time.

Tutorial Videos

Look to the internal experts in your organization to record short, specific tutorial or training videos for their peers. In some cases, these may become highly valuable marketing tools as well.

Executive Story Videos

Video makes it easy for leaders at your organization to share updates to the company vision or other important announcements without tying up everyone in a meeting.

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